This year’s franchisee of the year is awarded to a talented woman who has been steadfast in the Kinderdance system for over a decade.  She is has the respect of directors, fellow franchise owners, parents and peers, and loved by her students.

She purchased a Bronze level franchise in 2004 to serve areas in California under the name of Kinderdance of Tri-Valley.   One year later she upgraded to a Silver level franchise.  Among her accomplishments are being awarded “Franchisee of the Month” in 2010, 2014 and 2016.

In 2009 she received her 3K club award, 2015 the 7K award and continues to requalify.

Ten years after starting her Kinderdance business venture, in 2014,

this ambitious franchisee opened her own Kinderdance studio location in Dublin, CA.

She teaches on and off site to hundreds of students each month while managing teachers, administrative duties, and while being a mother and wife.

Her persistent spirit and overall positive reputation in the community for many years has aided in reaching her goals.        Reasons for her grand achievements must be due to her dedication to the children, the belief in the Kinderdance system, holding to high standards, and the drive inside her to be successful.

It is apparent each time we communicate with her, see her participate in conference sessions, watch a year end demonstration, and just see her smile, that she loves what she does.  One of the obvious ways to see her dedication to the Kinderdance system and philosophy is through her submitted Year End Demonstration videos.

Many may or may not realize that her videos are used training after training as a tool for new franchisees to aspire to because they are so well organized, professional, and show just how much impact one person can have on children in their field week after week, year after year.

As a dancer since early childhood, she truly loves dance and teaching young children. She truly believes that children need positive influences early in life and she hopes to be one of those for her students.

All of these qualities, achievements, and more not mentioned, are why she has been chosen for this award.

It is my honor and pleasure to present this year’s “Franchisee of the Year” to Terrie Guevarra.